Benetti’s Coffee Stout by Martin City Brewing

IMG_2342We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Martin City Brewing Co. in producing our first collaboration coffee beer. From the outset, we were both intentional in creating an enjoyable beverage that was more than the sum of its parts.

The brewmaster carefully selected malts, hops, and American yeast to produce a solid stout with a smooth chocolatey body and a distinct bouquet of fruity aromas.

It was quickly apparent that the right coffee to compliment this beer was the Finca Mairena Natural Process Nicaragua. Continue reading “Benetti’s Coffee Stout by Martin City Brewing” »

Welcoming A Messenger To The Kansas City Wholesale Coffee Scene

messenger-benettis-webKansas City is quickly earning a well-deserved reputation as a coffee town, with several outstanding cafes and roasting companies. We are excited to play a role in the creation of a new player in the specialty coffee scene.  In January 2014, the wholesale operation of Benetti’s Coffee Experience was spun off to become part of a new endeavor, Messenger Coffee.

We are also enthusiastic about the new model and direction for Benetti’s. While Messenger moves forward in sourcing, roasting and distributing top-notch coffees to local cafes such as The Filling Station, Alchemy Coffee, Blackdog Coffee House, Common Ground Coffee Co., One More Cup, Homer’s Coffee House, Portico at Graceway Church, Archives Coffee in the Plaza Library and more, we will return our focus to building an excellent experience at a roasting cafe. Continue reading “Welcoming A Messenger To The Kansas City Wholesale Coffee Scene” »

Finca Lerida Panama Washed & Natural


We were very fortunate to end up sourcing coffee from a farm that we had a chance to visit in Panama. We sourced this after the trip from a stateside importer, and it has really delivered.

We are excited to offer you Lerida’s coffee from the unique perspective of two production methods. Here, we have both the washed and natural versions of the Catuai varietal.The washed process involves separating the skin and fruit from the seed with the help of water. The natural beans-in-hand-webmethod allows the fruit to dry on the seed before being manually removed. Enjoy the intense berry and citrus fruit notes of the natural. Taste the dark, bittersweet chocolate flavors and balanced acidity of the washed. Continue reading “Finca Lerida Panama Washed & Natural” »