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Panama 2013


We recently had helped a client open Casa Sucre Coffee House in the older part of Panama City, Panama. In addition to spending a week serving people from around the world, Nick and Ben got to visit with farmers and take their first tours of coffee farms. We are currently tasting and making contacts to offer you coffee from some of the farms that they visited. Here’s a gallery of highlights from the trip:  Continue reading “Panama 2013” »

Green Coffee Offerings & Home Roasters’ Roundup

Over the past five years, we’ve enjoyed serving several customers who also roast coffee at home. With that in mind, here are two happenings to engage our friends who are roasting their own coffee and maybe introduce some new folks to the pursuit.

Grab-And-Go Green

You will now find a rotating selection of green offerings right on our retail shelf for you to take home and toast. It’s kind of like take-and-bake, but much tastier, right? Each origin comes with a good amount of information, and a starter roasting record card. These packs are portioned and priced by the pound, but if you are interested in a five-pound bag, we can talk turkey. This stuff is priced right and it is convenient.

Home Roasters’ Roundup

At the request of a few home-roasting friends, we are going to host periodic events to facilitate conversations and learning amongst home roasters. Our next event is at 3 p.m., Saturday, February 11 at our roasting facility. A special guest will be Jeremy Ferguson from Hacienda La Minita. Check this Facebook event or call us at 816-516-0893 for all the details.

At Home With Benetti’s: Kiersten

Working at Benetti’s, we all have instant access to freshly roasted coffee and commercial brewing equipment. It is easy to get spoiled. However, we are all also fans of coffee at home. At Home With Benetti’s is a series of posts featuring how our baristas prefer to make coffee back in our own kitchens, in their own words. This week, Kiersten mixes coffee with good company.

At home, my coffee experiences are most often shared ones, fueled by my desire to build relationships. Sometimes this means handing out warm mugs of Sumatra to house guests as they lounge in my living room, or pairing one of Benetti’s current offerings with the latest confection that my ever-baking roommate, Ciara has just whipped up. Sometimes it is music and coffee with a fellow coffee geek, like Savvy, or just me brewing something for the selfish satisfaction of forcing my other, Dr. Pepper-addicted roommate, Shelby, to acquire a more sophisticated palette. Continue reading “At Home With Benetti’s: Kiersten” »