Independence, here we come: Benetti’s on 23rd St.

It’s the big secret that we haven’t tried to keep. This month, we’ll launch our second Experience located at 23rd St. and 291 Highway in Independence. Not only are we looking forward to serving fresh-roasted coffee to our friends and neighbors in northeast Jackson County, but we are also anticipating the opportunity to join the ranks of shops that are raising the quality of drive-thru coffee.

Wait! Did we just say drive-thru? You bet. Benetti’s on 23rd St. will feature a drive-thru window and a walk up or “Slow-Thru” window with a patio. There’s no inside seating. We can almost hear our fellow coffee snobs gasping at the

mention of a drive-thru. However, we are going to be committed to the same quality and using the same traditional methods that we use in our cafe. It certainly will not be the fastest drive-thru in town, but the taste will be worth the wait. Whether through a window or across the counter, we want you to love the coffee that we
love to make.

We are also not talking about a mobile hut here. This former Sinclair gas station sets on it’s own parking lot right on the corner, with plenty of space to navigate and park.

With very few exceptions, Benetti’s on 23rd will feature the same beverage menu with a limited, yet growing, list of food options. For those who utilize our Slow-Thru window, we will even offer a variety of manual brewing methods and demitasse-sized drinks for you to enjoy on the spot.

We think you will be quite pleased with team of baristas who will be serving you from this location. Some have quite a bit of experience and some are home enthusiasts turned pro. In fact, one member of the team will be competing in the latte art contest at Chicago’s CoffeeFest in early June.

The centerpiece of the operation is a La San Marco 3-Group espresso machine. Now out of production, this heat-exchange machine has both staffs excited to handle the portafilters. Even in our calibration of the machine, we have been quite pleased with the rich, lush shots that it has produced. We’ll have to make a geekier post later about the affect of the smaller diameter and deeper brew baskets and how they showcase our espresso blend.

You will also notice that this location sports our new look. Our new branding will be coming to the original cafe soon.

Barring any major surprises, we should be open Tuesday, May 15 or earlier. Be sure to follow this location via @benettis_23rd on Twitter.

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