Iced coffee the Benetti’s way

It’s the season for iced coffees, and Benetti’s is proud to offer you all sorts of cool, refreshing coffee delights. Along with our cold favorites you’ve come to love, we’re right there with all of the latest trends in iced coffee preparation.

The amazing Iced Haeriochempressex-60

We’re so trendy, we introduced the first ever Iced Haeriochempressex-60. (This is just silliness.)

We ice anything!
Almost every drink on our menu can be prepared iced. The only exceptions would be a straight double shot, a machiatto or a cappucino. We also do iced versions of all of the manual brews, such as the Hario v60 and the Chemex. One of favorites is a 16-ounce iced Americano.

Toddy fans, say hello to the iced Aeropress
For iced coffee lovers who enjoy the body and concentration of the a cold brewed coffee, but miss out on the flavor clarity that a manual brew brings to the table, we present the Iced Aeropress. Get your iced coffee brewed fresh, by the cup, just for you. You will also get to experience all of the character that our featured coffee brings to the cup.

The Slammer
If you want a cold, smooth caffeine delivery system, the Slammer is just right for you. It’s a quad machiatto (made with half & half) shaken with a flavor of your choice, strained and served neat.

Frozen coffee that actually tastes like coffee
We don’t use powders for our frozen drinks. We also use our espresso, and a lot of it in each drink. We put the same amount of espresso, or more, in our frozen drinks that we do in our other beverages. That means two shots in a 12-ounce, four shots in a 16-ounce and four shots in a 24-ounce. Finally, a frozen treat that keeps even a coffee snob happy. Build your own for the flavor combination that is right for you.

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