Welcoming A Messenger To The Kansas City Wholesale Coffee Scene

messenger-benettis-webKansas City is quickly earning a well-deserved reputation as a coffee town, with several outstanding cafes and roasting companies. We are excited to play a role in the creation of a new player in the specialty coffee scene.  In January 2014, the wholesale operation of Benetti’s Coffee Experience was spun off to become part of a new endeavor, Messenger Coffee.

We are also enthusiastic about the new model and direction for Benetti’s. While Messenger moves forward in sourcing, roasting and distributing top-notch coffees to local cafes such as The Filling Station, Alchemy Coffee, Blackdog Coffee House, Common Ground Coffee Co., One More Cup, Homer’s Coffee House, Portico at Graceway Church, Archives Coffee in the Plaza Library and more, we will return our focus to building an excellent experience at a roasting cafe.

Will Benetti’s still be roasting coffee?

diedrichAbsolutely. Part of our renewed experience will be serving espresso from Messenger Coffee, a blend that found its beginnings at Benetti’s. Then, we will be working in close collaboration with Messenger and others to source single-origin coffees that will be roasted right in the shop, on our new Diedrich IR-3 roaster. Over the past seven years, we have learned that offering a tasty and consistent espresso requires a certain volume for proper sourcing and roasting. However, single-origin coffees can benefit from being roasted in small batches. With our new model, we will be able to offer you the best of both, without the distractions that come with being in the wholesale world.

Will I be able to get Benetti’s coffee outside of the cafe?

cupping-harioWe sure hope so. Even though Benetti’s is not pursuing wholesale accounts, we do welcome the opportunity to share our coffees in selective, small portions to local purveyors, churches in our community or fellow multi-roaster cafes that would like to feature one of our house-roasted offerings across their counter.

What else is on the horizon?

april-pouringAs we approach our seven-year anniversary, we will be reinvesting in our product, atmosphere and experience. Over the spring months there will be an update to our customer space that reflects the next version of Benetti’s. We will also be upgrading the equipment that we use and our processes in the pursuit of precise and consistent coffee extraction. Finally, our product offerings and educational opportunities will be crafted in a way that targets those who enjoy brewing coffee at home.

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