Fresh, Drum-Roasted Coffee
roasterfaceBenetti’s Coffee Experience is an owner-operated coffee roaster committed to providing our neighbors and guests with a fresh experience. We use both long-standing traditions and emerging methods to select and offer our customers great coffee.

We aim to please the coffee drinker who wants to experience the full complexity of a coffee. We are not ones to roast a coffee in a way that highlights a specific characteristic that shocks your palate in the first few sips. We believe in achieving a balance that draws you into the coffee throughout the whole cup. We believe that balance does not have to equal boring. We celebrate the pure experience of single-origin coffees, but we also value a well-crafted blend.

We do most of our research and development work in our cafe. There, we use an Ambex 2 Kilo roaster to toast samples. We have a separate roasting facility that houses an US Roasters 18K, with a much larger average batch size, that we use for production roasts.

Quality Controls


Dependable quality begins with passionate, quality-minded people. Our three-member team provides balance and accountability within our roasting program. Nick takes charge of sourcing and designing our coffee lineup. Ben handles sample roasting and oversees evaluation and quality control procedures. Kiersten is the roast master and  carefully executes each roast. She also manages our green and roasted inventory in a way that ensures that we will be able to keep our customers in good supply with fresh coffee.

We drink a lot of coffee. We are confident in the coffee we KP_Breaksupply, partly because we drink a good amount of coffee. This includes both our coffees and coffees offered by other roasters.

All of our packages are valved, resealable and opaque. They keep your coffee fresh, right on your counter. They also, of course, feature the roast date.

For information about our wholesale programs, contact us at or 816-516-0893.

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