Wote Konga Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Wote Konga_Page_1_Image_0003There’s a chance that this may be the best, natural-processed Ethiopia we have had the pleasure to roast, so far. This is certainly worth noting as it is following the very-popular Nigusse Lemma.

This naturally sun-dried coffee comes from a cooperative of more than 600 farmers in the Wote Konga Zone of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Continue reading “Wote Konga Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” »

Finca Huixoc Guatemala Huehuetenango

IMG_20130603_143906Sometimes you taste a coffee that just makes you want to hug the cup and settle into your chair a little further. This offering from Finca Huixoc in Huehuetenango, Guatemala does just that. This Rainforest Alliance coffee is medium-bodied with a deep, floral aroma. There are strong notes of chocolate and toasted almonds, with a pleasant apple acidity. This coffee shines in a small-pourover, but is also an excellent choice for French-press or auto-drip. Continue reading “Finca Huixoc Guatemala Huehuetenango” »

Kaguyu Auction Lot Kenya AA

DSC_2350 (1)We have had a lot of fun with this small lot of Kenya since it arrived in our shop. It is a coffee with so much character, that it gives you room to move and explore within it. It is a complex coffee that changes on your palate with every sip. The flavors of dried fruits up front give way to a bittersweet chocolate finish. Heavy bodied with a snappy, citrus-like acidity that comes alive when iced. We have enjoyed it in the V60, iced Chemex, iced Aeropress and even as a single-origin espresso for iced Americanos. Continue reading “Kaguyu Auction Lot Kenya AA” »