Finca Lerida Panama Washed & Natural


We were very fortunate to end up sourcing coffee from a farm that we had a chance to visit in Panama. We sourced this after the trip from a stateside importer, and it has really delivered.

We are excited to offer you Lerida’s coffee from the unique perspective of two production methods. Here, we have both the washed and natural versions of the Catuai varietal.The washed process involves separating the skin and fruit from the seed with the help of water. The natural beans-in-hand-webmethod allows the fruit to dry on the seed before being manually removed. Enjoy the intense berry and citrus fruit notes of the natural. Taste the dark, bittersweet chocolate flavors and balanced acidity of the washed. Continue reading “Finca Lerida Panama Washed & Natural” »

Arokara AA Papua New Guinea

Coffee-SortingWe spent the summer featuring some amazingly bright and fruity coffees like the Wote Konga Natural Ethiopia and the Kaguyu Auction Lot Kenya AA. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we were looking for a great offering from Papua New Guinea, one of our favorite fall coffees. The Arokara AA is a well-balanced coffee that has a buttery body with a pleasant and welcoming acidity. There are notes of candy corn with a molasses sweetness, making it a wonderful coffee for the autumn and winter. Continue reading “Arokara AA Papua New Guinea” »

Wote Konga Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Wote Konga_Page_1_Image_0003There’s a chance that this may be the best, natural-processed Ethiopia we have had the pleasure to roast, so far. This is certainly worth noting as it is following the very-popular Nigusse Lemma.

This naturally sun-dried coffee comes from a cooperative of more than 600 farmers in the Wote Konga Zone of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Continue reading “Wote Konga Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” »